Pilgrim’s – MN & WI Farm Partnerships

A Partnership That Works

For years, we have successfully partnered with local family farmers to raise healthy chickens that become the highest quality, best-tasting products on the market. Our partnerships:

Offer Unique Contracts That Build Long-Term Partnerships

  • Structure provides a steady, reliable monthly income and minimizes financial risk to partner
  • Helps supplement both farming and non-farming families/activities
  • Bonuses paid out for meeting and/or exceeding quality and production goals
  • Barns are farmer-owned
  • Company covers nearly all inputs, so partners can concentrate on providing best care versus the cost of care

Are Supported by Dedicated Field Teams, Feed Mills & Live Haul Crews

  • Assist with barn construction, nutrient management to preserve natural resources, animal health, feed delivery, chick delivery, daily chicken care, and barn loadout

Interested? There are some things you should know about our general requirements. Your farm must:

  • Be located within approximately 45 miles of Cold Spring, Minnesota or Arcadia, Wisconsin. This is necessary for the welfare of our chickens. By minimizing transportation time, we also minimize bird stress for improved animal welfare.
  • Have either enough land, or existing agreements in place, to satisfy county and state regulations pertaining to nutrient management plans. Caring for our environment is important to us. Nutrient management plans help preserve our natural resources by ensuring efficient and environmentally sound manure application.

If you meet the basic criteria, we welcome you to download our Growing Healthy Partnerships Brochure & Application and apply.

We’d love to have you as a part of our growing family of farmers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin!



Download our Growing Healthy Partnerships
Brochure & Application